Get To Know Us

Life at Lake George is our absolute favorite, and we've been a Lake George family for decades – three generations strong and counting! Our idea of a good time? Well, it usually involves soaking up the lake vibes whenever we can.

From boating to island hopping, shopping sprees to cliff-jumping adventures, or just kicking back at the beach – our days are filled with endless, amazing activities. And let's not forget one of our all-time favorites – docking and dining. Huge shoutout to the fantastic lakeside restaurants making that magic happen!

Now, about Lake George Apparel – it's more than just clothing; it's our way of sharing the love we have for this place. We're all about comfy, casual wear that proudly joins you in whatever activity comes your way.

Why did we dive into creating eco-friendly, organic clothing made in the USA? Well, it's simple – our love for Lake George knows no bounds. Lake George Apparel was born out of our deep connection to this beautiful lake, and it's our way of spreading that love.

But here's the kicker – our clothing isn't just about style; it's about making a positive impact. We made sure to kick off Lake George Apparel with a giving-back program because we believe we all have a role to play – for ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

So, dive into our unique designs, and we hope you enjoy wearing Lake George Apparel as much as we loved creating it. It's not just a company; it's a passion – a shared love for the lake that binds us all together. Cheers to that! 🌊✨