Our Story

We are not special or unique when we tell you how much we love ♥️ Lake George. We are like every single person that has ever visited or has the privilege to live here. Once you have the experience to see and feel the lake even one time, You can understand what it is we are saying.

As a family, over the years we have had fun designing our own t-shirts, towels, hats, and other accessories.  We truly loved spending time on designs with Lake George outline being our star model. This interest is what inspired us to think that not only would our community designs be fun, but to branch out to other communities on Lake George and share those as well.

When we decided to create a clothing line, it was important that we mainly promote organic, eco-friendly clothing made in the USA. Equally important was to have a giving-back program established at the launch of Lake George Apparel.  Click here for more on Giving Back  

We believe that we all have a responsibility to ourselves, our communities, and our planet. We hope you enjoy our clothing with our unique designs!

Lake George Apparel is not just a company, but a passion!