The Beginning for Lake George Apparel's  paying it forward

A Day to Remember at Huletts Landing

August 5th, 2023

 In 2020 on Thanksgiving day we launched LGA and as a part of the company, we felt strongly that giving back was as important as any other component.  Our first donation was one month later of over $600 in merchandise to a neighboring community school as Christmas gifts.
2021- LGA donated apparel to families in the community
2022- LGA donated apparel to families in the community
2022-Donation of Apparel to raffle and raise funds for school supplies for surrounding lake schools
2022- Donated a basket of apparel to Luxury Homes Tours to help raise funds for the Hines Museum
2022- Donated to a local golf course
2021,22,23- 3rd year of donating & helping DTR with the event to benefit the Cancer Society & the local community.
2021,22,23- Local Fire Depts Around the Lake
2021,22,23- Donating items for a community fundraiser
We have donated and participated and many community fundraisers around the Lake,
For more information on our community donations please email us.
A Day to Remember was founded in 1996 by a long time Huletts Landing Family, after the loss of a young family member to cancer.  They created the annual event as a remembrance of all lives lost. The family organized the event for the first 16 years, before passing the reins.  Although A Day to Remember has transformed over the years,  the one steadfast tradition is having T-shirts that represent the cause.

In June 2023 Lake George Apparel and Lake George Association partnered, and Co-Branded items will give back to the Lake We Love.